Make Americans Inconsistent Again

I get very frustrated when I hear people that I know personally support Donald Trump. I’m not frustrated with these people, because I love them and care about them deeply. I simply get frustrated because Trump is such a brilliant entertainer and fund-raiser.

(I know, Trump is using his own funds- I’m not talking about money, I’m talking about political capital)

The inconsistencies in Republican Trump Supporters are staggering. Here’s just a few of examples:

  1. Abortion – This is the most important topic to me in the 2016 election. I’m disgusted by the millions of human children that we are sacrificing to the gods of convenience and pleasure. Donald Trump’s position started as staunchly Pro-Choice. He then switched to Pro-Life in 2011 because of “personal stories”. This is not a trustworthy foundation for changing a policy position. If Trump was Pro-Life because of personal convictions, I could trust that his position wouldn’t change. But what happens if some Pro-Choice people start talking to him and telling him their “personal stories”? What prevents him from switching back to being Pro-Choice?The point is, Trump said in the last debate that he doesn’t want to defund Planned Parenthood- he just wants to stop abortions. This angers me because I believe that abortion is murder, and any company that wants to kill children should be stopped. Additionally, any company that sells human body parts is partaking in illegal activities and does not deserve any amount of taxpayer dollars.
  2. The Pull of Personality – In 2008, we all griped and complained that Democrats were falling subject to Obama’s personality and his skin-color. Obama didn’t say a whole lot on particular issues in 2008, he made sweeping declarations and had catchy marketing slogans. His campaign was based on the general public’s annoyance with the former sitting Republican. Is this not exactly what Trump is doing today? Donald Trump doesn’t actually spell out any of his plans on the debate stage. People are pulled in by his brash personality and his business acumen. They love his sweeping declarations and his catchy campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again”.
  3. Economic Policy – Anyone who has taken any classes in Economics knows about the concept of specialization. Most economists believe that it is the primary contributing factor in the “Hockey Stick of Human Prosperity“. Economies that outsource jobs encourage specialization and actually spur the economy. Jobs in China mean that goods are cheaper for Americans, therefore Americans can spend more money on other things. More demand for other goods means more jobs for Americans. A good economic policy encourages companies to make product as cheaply as possible.
  4. The Legislative power of the Supreme Court – Donald Trump has resigned himself to the decision on the Supreme Court to force gay marriage on all Americans. He is letting the Supreme Court have the legislative authority to make such decisions. Let us not forget who declared slaves free, and subsequently brought the Civil Rights Act of 1964– in both cases it was the Legislative Branch, not the Supreme Court. Regardless of your feelings on the topic of Gay Marriage, it is important that we hold each branch of government accountable to their specific roles. Constitutionally, massive national issues must begin at the Legislative Branch or the State level.

I’d love to keep going, but you can find all the information you want here.

Republicans are doing exactly what they decried Democrats/Independents of doing in 2008. We shouldn’t be latching onto the catchiest slogan or the most entertaining nominee. We need to vote our principles, and a vote for Donald Trump is a vote for 4 more years of Corporatism and government overreach. Assuming he doesn’t get impeached first.


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