A Letter for Trumpeters


To those of you supporting the great businessman, Donald Trump, for the president of the United States…

I understand why you are voting for Trump. I know that pretty much everyone who does not support Trump has a very hard time empathizing with your reasoning. I don’t proclaim to fully understand your reasoning, but with Super Tuesday around the corner, I feel it necessary to square with you.

I want to talk about the importance of knowing the issues. I don’t think that you and other Trump supporters are the only guilty parties. Quite honestly, I would argue that more than 60% of supporters of any candidate don’t understand the issues and are voting just because they “like” the guy/girl. But here are the issues, and as a conservative, I want to talk about why each one is important. To be clear, I’m not saying that you agree or disagree with any of these points/statements…

  1. Abortion – If you believe that a fetus is a human being (which I do believe), it necessarily follows that you would not support abortion. The problem I see with being pro-abortion (pro-choice/anti-life, whatever you want to call it) is that it changes how our culture views humanity and consequences of destructive decisions. I wish to speak about this further, but I will leave it for another blog.
  2. Gay Rights – I’m not going to discuss what the Bible says about this, or anything like that. Just that the subject of Gay Rights should not be left up to the Supreme Court, and that it should be a conversation among the State Legislature. If it is true that a majority of Americans support homosexual marriage, then let it go to a vote, and that will be the end of it.
  3. Federal Overreach – Each branch must be kept in check by the others. If a branch of government fails to fulfill their duty, we drastically shorten the amount of time before America is dominated by authoritarian rulers.
  4. The Federal Budget & Taxes – The Great Depression and the Great Recession were caused by Credit Freezes. Some economists may disagree as to the degree of the affect of such credit freezes, but all economists agree that it is one of the largest contributing factors. America is wildly in debt and, as we have seen with Greece, the less likely we are to pay our debts, the more likely our credit rating will decrease. If our credit rating decreases, other countries will be less likely to invest in the U.S. and will lead to a credit freeze unlike anything the world has ever experienced.
    Additionally, the Laffer Curve shows that when taxes reach a certain percentage, we actually lose tax revenue (here is a quick explanation of that). Christina Romer was Obama’s economic advisor up until 2010. She and her husband performed an extensive study that determine the peak of tax revenue occurred at the taxation point of 33%. A solid economic policy would be to optimize tax revenue and decrease the federal deficit.
  5. Immigration – Immigration is a great economic policy, but a bad cultural one. I already wrote on this, so I won’t go on.

I bring these points up not because I expect that you are voting without the knowledge of what’s at stake, but because I fear that a lot of people who are voting today do not understand where their candidate falls on these policies.

If you support Trump, and do not know what he thinks about these things, check out his own website.

Due to watching too many videos of Trump supporters, I fear that people are voting for Trump because, “He isn’t afraid to speak his mind”, or “If runs the country the way he runs his business, we’ll do just fine”, or “He’s self-funding his campaign”.

All of these reasons are fine and good, but if and only if they are supported by a solid understanding of your candidates positions. I may have fallen subject to the media’s portrayal of Trump supporters, in which case, I beg you to correct me. Otherwise, take some time to read his website before you go to the polls. The last thing I want is for you (or me) to be surprised on his first day in office.

Edit: Just happened upon this comparison review of the candidates. It is from the perspective of the Conservative Review writers, but I found it very interesting.


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