Is Rubio Falling on His Sword?

Marco Rubio has recently turned up the heat on Donald Trump. Leading up to Super Tuesday, his goal seems to be to get under Trump’s skin. Initially, Rubio has avoided ridiculing Trump because he didn’t want to isolate his supporters. Right now it is an entirely different story- so what changed?

Everyone, especially the establishment Republicans, have determined that Donald Trump isn’t going anywhere. Even Lindsey Graham, who cracked a joke about killing Ted Cruz and is a star child of the establishment, is now suggesting that the party should fall in line behind Ted Cruz just to avoid a Trump nomination. Now we are all asking the question, can Donald Trump be stopped, and how do we stop him?

As you all may have noticed from reading my other posts, I am something of an amateur political strategist. Here is what I think is happening:

  1. Attack Trump’s record on stage at the debate – This is the first step to pulling his supporters. Rubio wants to show them that Trump isn’t who everyone thinks he is.
  2. Launch personal attacks against Trump – Rubio wants to get under Trump’s skin and make him explode. We have not seen Trump at his worst yet.
  3. Make Donald Trump explode at the debate – We can probably expect to see massive attacks on Trump coming from Rubio this evening at the Fox News debate in Detroit. If Trump explodes, Rubio will probably level against him something like this; “Is this the guy we want holding the Nuclear Launch codes?”

From here, there are only two paths Rubio may take:

Attempt to pull in Trump’s supporters to his camp. I think this is less likely because, so far, Rubio has only won a single state. It will be very difficult for Rubio to pull supporters to his side when he is so far behind.
Fall in line behind Ted Cruz. This is the best option for Rubio right now, and I think it may be part of the plan. Rubio could very well be falling on his sword for the good of the country. Rubio seems to be mirroring Trump right now, and we all know that you can’t out-Trump Donald Trump. Rubio knows this too! He is just trying to show Trump as un-presidential and then throw his support behind Cruz.

If you have followed my work, you know how I feel about the latter option.

EDIT: Here’s evidence Rubio may be gearing up to drop out after the debate tonight.


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