Evangelical Democrats?

Disclaimer: If you do not claim the name Evangelical, this post won’t mean anything to you. Just be aware of that.

If you are a Democrat supporter and claim to be an evangelical, I need to square with you…

I understand why you support a certain degree of Democrat policies. It makes sense that, if you want to support those who are poor, the downtrodden, women and children, you would want to support governmental policies that prop these individuals up. I certainly understand that line of thinking. There’s a lot of conversation to be had economically speaking about whether or not these methods are effective, but these particular democratic policies certainly appear to hold Christian values.

I won’t argue with you on that. What I do want to discuss is what I believe to be the most important conversation of this election.

I have always said that if there was a candidate who held fiscal policy views that were diametrically opposed to my own, but agreed with me 100% on social issues, I wouldn’t have a problem with electing that individual. Of course, this assumes that there isn’t a better alternative candidate.

As a strong Christian believer/voter, I deeply care about this country’s fiscal responsibility and stewardship; but I have always carried social policy as a much higher priority. I believe that regardless of fiscal policy, if a country’s social policy is God-honoring, then God will bless that country.

So, here is the problem that I have with the Democratic candidates: Both of them have a long and well documented record of voting for policies that are blatantly “Pro-Choice” (or Anti-Life, depending on what side you are on). For example, Sanders voted NO on banning partial birth abortions- as well as a host of other Pro-Choice policies (Here is a gruesome description of partial-birth abortions that almost made me cry). Also, here are Clinton’s views on access to abortion.

If you claim the Evangelical title and support Clinton or Sanders, I have to ask the question: why? What compels someone to vote someone into office who, yes, may support the impoverished children of America outside of the womb, but supports such grotesque policies?

really want to know what you guys think. If you are an Evangelical and a Democrat, please fill out the Contact Form and tell me what you think, because it completely baffles me.

Here is where I am- if I were a democrat and agreed with democrat fiscal policy, based on what I said above, I would vote for a very moderate Republican (like John Kasich). Simply because I could not force myself to vote for someone who supported Pro-Choice policies.


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