How to Respond to Trumpeters

After watching countless videos of people talking about why they support Trump, I have noticed a lot of recurring answers. These answers that I see are not policy answers, but personality answers.

It is not often that you run into a Trumpeter who starts to talk about policy when explaining their support for Trump (unless it has something to do with Immigration or China). When I do run into someone who can talk to me about Trump’s specific policies, I shake their hand and let them go on with their lives because they are a rare breed  and there is a whole host of Trump supporters who simply do not know his policy positions that I can spend my time talking to.

That being said, I want to present some ideas for how to challenge a Trump supporter. Not with the intent of them changing their minds, but with the intent of making them go back, get on his website, and actually read what he says.

Here are a few examples of what Trumpeters say, and how to respond to it:

“He tells the truth” – Being able to tell the truth is a great character quality. But let me tell you about an even greater character quality- Speaking the truth in love. If you cannot figure out a way to speak your mind in a kind and conscientious manner, you haven’t thought about it enough to say it in the first place.

“He doesn’t care what people think” – My response to this lends itself to what I said above. Its important that everyone be confident and believe in themselves and their ideals. However, if you are in a position of influence, you better care what people think. These individuals that we elect need to be representative of the people. What happens when Trump does something that you don’t like? He will simply say, “You elected me because I don’t care what you think!”

“He is self-funding his campaign” – The Trump campaign has raised $27.3 million dollars$10.8 million of which are loans from Donald Trump himself. The word, “loan” is important because it means that Trump expects to be paid back. What typically happens in GOP primaries is, when the nominee is picked, a new world of big-money donations comes in from the GOP establishment. Trump is expecting the GOP to pay him back in the event they win the nomination. Additionally, Trump has said that he will accept these big money donations after he wins the nomination– further solidifying my point: He is not self-funding.

“He won’t be bought off” – A man like Donald Trump does not need money, its true that he probably won’t be swayed by people offering him more money. With a net worth of $10+ billion, what Trump will seek is more power. He will do whatever he can do to garner more power. I suspect we will see a presidency similar to Nixon’s- paranoid and willing to do anything to retain his power.

“He’s not like other politicians” – Neither were Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, or Rand Paul. So why in the world would you support the one of them that is, quite frankly, the biggest jerk?

“Stop illegal immigration” – This is a complicated policy issue, as you may have read in one of my other posts. The cost of deporting 11 million people will be astronomical. Trump seems to want to round them up like animals and drive them over in buses, while Cruz wants to de-incentivize the hiring of illegal immigrants. Cruz’s method is much less expensive and much more effective. That being said, Trump has said that he is willing to compromise on his illegal immigration policies, and he has slowly moved left ever since initially talking about his plans when he announced his candidacy. Here is a good article if you are trying to determine who is more hard-line on immigration.

“Hes a great businessman” – Do we really need to bring up all of his failed businesses? Just for arguments sake: Trump Network, Trump Vodka, Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines, Trump: The Game, Trump Casinos, Trump University, the New Jersey Generals. I’ll give him the credit of being a great real estate developer. But it is very difficult to be bad at real estate development when you are starting with a $1 million loan and you have a mentor like Fred Trump giving you pointers your entire life.

“He understands economics” – No. Just because you are a decent businessman does not mean you understand economics. It means you understand changing markets, which, if we look at his failed businesses (see above), it doesn’t seem Trump even understands that. This is solidified when you look at Trump Mortgage, a company I left out above intentionally to drive this point home. Trump Mortgage opened in April 2006, when Trump said, “I think it’s a great time to start a mortgage company, the real estate market is going to be very strong for a long time to come.” What happened next? The housing bubble burst and Trump Mortgage folded. A man who understands economics and works in the real estate market really should have been able to anticipate this.

If you know anyone who is supporting Trump, invite them to my blog! I would be very happy to have a discussion regarding Trump’s positions.

Do you know any other reasons people support Trump? Leave them in the comments or go to the Contact page and tell me! I’ll give you a good rebuttal.


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