Getting a job with a Business degree

I’m currently in the process of moving out of an internship and into a full-time career. It’s super stressful and really complicated. I don’t care where you went to school (unless it’s Harvard or Yale): if you are getting a business degree, you’re going to have a hard time finding a job.

I’d be thrilled to get into the economic discussion as to why this is the case, such as the market saturation of well-educated individuals due to government assistance while in school. But I don’t want to talk about that right now. What I would like to address are the important factors of getting a job in today’s economy- because they don’t teach you anything worth remembering in school.

  1. Get an Internship – I know you probably think you’re scrappy enough to claw your way into a job out of college. And that may be true! But unless you’re the valedictorian at an ivy league school, you are going to be spending all of your interviews competing with people who have worked internships. You may think you’re a hard worker; but while you were relaxing during the summer, or even taking extra classes in the summer, someone else was getting experience.
  2. Start your internship early – The company I work for accepts interns who are sophomore level! I bought into the lie that I had to be Senior level to get an internship. If I had known that I could have started years ago, then I would have 3 years worth of interning experience under my belt today.
  3. Get a job where you are interning – Do everything to get a job where you are interning. If there is no scale-ability to your internship, pass the by job. You don’t want to work somewhere they aren’t willing to hire you on full-time. Plus, you will have a serious leg up against external competition. It’s just the easiest way to go.
  4. Don’t have fun in college – Okay, I’m being a little misleading- you can enjoy yourself. But those 4 years you spend there are for your benefit to learn and grow, not to drink, play video games, or whatever college kids do nowadays. This means putting yourself in positions where you will succeed: leading groups, working extra hours at your internships, spending time learning corollary skills that go along with your chosen profession (for example, Digital Marketing only hires people who know HTML- get to learning it!)
  5. Networking – This is probably one of the silliest things I’ve ever had to do. My workplace offers a variety of networking events; we have something called “Noodling at Noon”, which consists of people talking about their respective positions and getting free Ramen (be still my heart). Go to these events anyway. Jobs are filled via referrals from internal employees, 78% of recruiters reported to finding most of their candidates this way. If your workplace doesn’t offer awesome stuff like this, then set up “informational interviews” in your field. Find someone who is in a position to hire for your field and get yourself on their calendar. Ask them questions about their job, how they got there, and find out what type of person they are looking for when they hire and become that person.

I’ll admit, I’m still getting acclimated to this environment. I’m certainly not the authority on this subject. I regularly see people who are trying to get jobs right out of college and simply can’t- then they settle for retail jobs or Multi-Level Marketing. Unless you want to be working at Starbucks right out of college or going door-to-door selling junk that nobody wants, you have to start making your degree work for you.


Responding to Terror

I hate the rhetoric. I hate seeing conservative news sources saying things like “President refuses to call Orlando shooting ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism'”. I also hate seeing liberal news sources try to skirt around the fact that the man was indeed a Muslim terrorist.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a well-rounded view of this. I want to offer a few points that are important for the conversation. To frame this:

Last night, June 12th, a man called 9-1-1 and pledged allegiance to ISIS. He then went to a gay night club in Orlando and shot and killed 50 individuals and wounded 53. Not only is this the worst mass shooting in American history, but the worst act of terrorism since 9/11. It is also a moment that will probably go down in the history of violence against homosexuals.

  1. “Radical” is a form of Islam – There is a great fear among Islamic sympathizers that America will brand Islam as a religion of violence. A great deal of coverage includes people condemning the generalization of Islam. I’d like to provide a few points that will hopefully clear this up
    1. News sources are using the phrase “Radical” for a reason. It is not an attempt to brand all Muslims as violent extremists. It is an attempt to classify the minority of Muslims who are violent extremists. It is the very reason we no longer say “Islamic Terrorism”, and are now inserting the word “Radical” in front of it. Not all Muslims are Radical, but all forms of Radical Islamic Terrorism do call themselves Muslim.
    2. We have finally seen an Imam condemn the violence of ISIS in the public eye. And it is beautiful. I know a lot of Muslims have condemned ISIS in the past, but it has been far from being in the public arena. Now it is.
    3. There is a good reason that the President may not be using the phrase “Radical Islamic Terrorism”. There is always a concern of giving ISIS too much credit because all it does is strengthen their message. I believe it is possible that Obama is using the ‘Speak softly and carry a big stick’ method here. He is not mentioning ISIS, lest they get more news coverage. I just think Obama needs to use a bigger stick.
  2. Gun Control and the AR-15 – The AR-15 was NOT the weapon of choice in the Orlando shooting, even though everything I saw immediately following the shooting claimed it was. The shooter actually used a Sig Sauer MCX Carbine. But I want to be clear: unless the shooter went through immense difficulty (including smuggling firearms), it was not an automatic weapon. You can call it an Assault Rifle all you want; I pray to God that none of our soldiers are equipped with either of these weapons while in the field because they wouldn’t serve their purpose like an automatic weapon would. This weapon is only as dangerous as a handgun due to its semi-automatic nature and the limited magazine capacity.
  3. Politicizing” the event – Prepare yourself, a lot of Conservatives are going to say that the left is politicizing the event by calling for more stringent laws against guns. Additionally, the Liberals are going to say that the right is politicizing the event by calling for war against ISIS/prevention of Muslim immigration. Just remember, you cannot call for war against ISIS/immigration regulation and blame the left for politicizing. Everyone will politicize this, no matter what happens.
  4. Christians Responding – I’ve never been more proud to be a Christian. I don’t see a lot of Christians responding; but when I do, I primarily see them decrying this act of terrorism without even mentioning that this was a gay bar. There are exceptions where the Christian may say “I don’t care if they were gay, we still need to stand in solidarity”; and also rare exceptions where so-called ‘Christians’ are saying “they got what they deserved”. But fortunately, the majority just see them all as a people group rather than classifying them by their lifestyle choices.
  5. Pro-Life Issue – This is a pro-life issue. If we want to say we are pro-life in the womb, then we better say we are pro-life thereafter. Being against the senseless killing of any human being falls under this jurisdiction.
  6. How to Pray – Of course, I ask Christians to pray for the families, pray for their loved ones. But also pray for the hospitals. Today a lot of people who were wounded are undergoing surgeries in what I am certain is a very understaffed hospital- they need God to heal them, and the surgeons need God’s wisdom.

I hope this provides a little more perspective. In my effort to be balanced and courteous I will always try to keep any hard-line opinions out of it. My heart breaks for these people and I won’t stop praying for their families.

The Age of Adolescence and Gun Rights

Even just reading the title of this blog, “The Readable Republican”, it’s a safe bet to say that I am pro-second amendment. Laws that allow ordinary citizens to carry firearms protect individual liberties in more ways than just being able to carry a dangerous toy in public.

The conversation opened up on the radio this morning. I like to listen to the Brian & Kathleen Morning Show on Moody Radio on my drive to work, and they brought up a development in carrying firearms on a university campus…

Framing the Conversation
Liberty University, the largest Christian University and the fifth largest university in America, has deemed it permissible to allow students to carry a firearm under specific conditions. Here is the full university policy, but suffice it to say that those with concealed carry licenses (CCL) are allowed to keep their firearm in their locked vehicle while on campus, rather than having to leave it somewhere. It is also important to note that this does not allow students with a CCL to carry or store their firearms in residence halls. It would seem that this measure strictly allows for keeping a firearm in a vehicle while on campus.

That being said, after hearing a lot of failed arguments as to why this should or should not be a viable policy, I heard one woman call into the radio show to express her concern with young adults carrying firearms. She said something to this effect:

“I have a 21 and a 25 year old and I would not be okay with them having a firearm.”
(Not a direct quote)

I am 22 years old and I know for a fact that my mother trusts me with a firearm. Is it possible that this woman may have just allowed her children to grow up without responsibility? I don’t know, but that’s not the point.

Adolescent Years
A lot of Christians I have run into complain about how we don’t raise our kids to be adults anymore and that we have coined the term “adolescence” to make up for it. We discuss how children used to be helping around the house by age 10, and by age 13 their entire day was devoted to working on the farm. But we conveniently forget that 13 year old girls were married out at this age (often to 24+ year old men) and most people died before the age of 50.

A particular article on this topic suggests that the starting point of adolescence has moved back one year for ever 25 years that elapses. It now occurs an average of 6 years earlier than it did in the 1850s, where an individual didn’t “start” their adolescent years until the age of 17-19. Now our children are starting their adolescent years between age 11-13. Not only that, but our children, instead of helping on the farm from ages 13-20, are now playing video games from ages 10-35 and avoiding responsibility like the plague. That said, we still have not reached the point I am trying to argue…

Immature Adults Making Mature Decisions
We have entered a world where almost anyone can carry a firearm, assuming they meet qualifications such as not having a criminal record, completing mandatory CCL training/competency, and not having any mental health problems. It was only in the 1990s that the 2nd amendment really began to be exercised among Americans who wish to carry a firearm. But do we fully understand the level of maturity that our 21 year old adults have achieved (or lack thereof)?

The woman on the radio, unbeknownst to her, made a very poignant statement about the mental maturity of the generation that is going through college right now. The problem I see is that our young adults are growing less mature, while our state gun laws are becoming more open.

Should we change the law? The brain is not “fully developed” until age 25, maybe that should be the new CCL age. I’m not advocating for or against this; more than anything, this shows a lack of trust in our young adults (especially with all the millennial garbage going around nowadays, which I’ll discuss at a later date) and it shows an incompetency in a parents ability to raise their child to be a fully-functioning adult.

Our children are untrustworthy by little fault of their own. The problem is that we are no longer raising adults; we are raising taller children.

Bonus Section – Bad Arguments
I just want to point out some ineffective arguments while discussing this topic, all of these are arguments I heard on the radio this morning:

  1. “It’s their second amendment right!” – This is an important point, but in the same way you cannot shout “Fire!” in a movie theater, it doesn’t mean you should be able to carry a dangerous weapon where there are potentially unstable individuals who may have the opportunity to disarm you. If I wear my firearm behind my back, and I kneel down to tie my shoes, someone could easily disarm me. I’m not saying that we should or should not allow concealed carry, I’m just pointing out that the argument does not fully assess the situation, and in order to be intellectually honest, we must deny arguments that fail to address the core issue.
  2. “Christians should live by faith that God will protect them.” – Luke 22:36 tells us, “[…] if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.” Jesus understood the practicality of self-defense. However, if I found myself in a situation with another man who was threatening to kill me, I might let him do it just for the sake of the possibility of him finding Jesus or to avoid compromising my own faith. But if he is threatening the lives of others, I would pull the trigger in a heartbeat. Everything must be decided on a case-by-case basis.

7 Things First-Time Voters Should Know

I started this blog because I was sick of reading nonsense from both sides of the political spectrum. Left and right alike would bash one another in a knock-down, drag-out fight to the death in every article I read. I imagined that there must have been someone who didn’t have the desire to shame and insult disagreeing parties. I couldn’t find anyone, so I became that person.

Today was the first time I received edification for what I was doing, I received a message from a writer that read,

“I want you to know that I am voting for the first time today, ever. It goes against my previous principles but your conversations and blogs have actually helped change my mind.”

This excites me to no end. The American culture is founded upon the principle of individual freedom and the will of the populace, and if I can make one more person go vote, I feel like I’ve done my job.

Today being voting day, I don’t want to spend any time trying to sway your vote toward any candidate. I also recognize that, because of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, a lot of people who have never voted before find themselves going to the polls today. I can’t remember what it was like to vote for the first time (even though it wasn’t all that long ago), but I want to give some advice to people who are voting for the very first time:

  1. Just bring your I.D. – You don’t technically need your ID to vote, but people look at you funny if you don’t bring it.
  2. You might need address verification – If you’re like me, you don’t want to pay that stupid $20 to change your address on your driver’s license. Well, today they asked me for my address verification (even though I’ve never been asked before). So just bring it with you.
  3. Know your precinct – Most voting locations will have different tables for different precincts. It is based on where your address is geographically. For example, where I live, there were precincts A-H; I reside in precinct A.
  4. There are a lot more people on the ballot than you think – Make sure that you know who is on your ballot. You’ll probably find a lot more than you were expecting. Here is a ballot lookup website that will show you who is running based on your zip code.
  5. You are allowed to leave some of them blank – If you haven’t done your homework before going to vote, don’t just vote for people if their name is interesting. I highly encourage you to leave the ones blank that you aren’t familiar with. Plenty of people go into the voting booth and just vote for the president.
  6. Primaries are different than the general election – You aren’t voting for the president, you are voting for the party member who will run for president in November. These rules are different state-to-state. For example, Ohio (where I assume most of my readership resides) has a “Mixed Primary”. This means that you can vote on either the Republican or Democrat primary ballot by declaring your party affiliation to the poll worker.
  7. If you need help, just ask – If you aren’t sure who to vote for, simply talk to someone who you trust and who shares your values. If you don’t have someone, I will be happy to talk to you about it. Based on what you values, I will try to help you discern who is the best choice. Just fill out the Contact form and I will get in touch with you.

If I left anything out, please let me know! I want to make sure that every new voter is prepared when they get to the voting booth.

To all who are voting for the first time: Thank you! And welcome to the democratic process- it is a very exciting thing to be involved in.

How to Respond to Trumpeters

After watching countless videos of people talking about why they support Trump, I have noticed a lot of recurring answers. These answers that I see are not policy answers, but personality answers.

It is not often that you run into a Trumpeter who starts to talk about policy when explaining their support for Trump (unless it has something to do with Immigration or China). When I do run into someone who can talk to me about Trump’s specific policies, I shake their hand and let them go on with their lives because they are a rare breed  and there is a whole host of Trump supporters who simply do not know his policy positions that I can spend my time talking to.

That being said, I want to present some ideas for how to challenge a Trump supporter. Not with the intent of them changing their minds, but with the intent of making them go back, get on his website, and actually read what he says.

Here are a few examples of what Trumpeters say, and how to respond to it:

“He tells the truth” – Being able to tell the truth is a great character quality. But let me tell you about an even greater character quality- Speaking the truth in love. If you cannot figure out a way to speak your mind in a kind and conscientious manner, you haven’t thought about it enough to say it in the first place.

“He doesn’t care what people think” – My response to this lends itself to what I said above. Its important that everyone be confident and believe in themselves and their ideals. However, if you are in a position of influence, you better care what people think. These individuals that we elect need to be representative of the people. What happens when Trump does something that you don’t like? He will simply say, “You elected me because I don’t care what you think!”

“He is self-funding his campaign” – The Trump campaign has raised $27.3 million dollars$10.8 million of which are loans from Donald Trump himself. The word, “loan” is important because it means that Trump expects to be paid back. What typically happens in GOP primaries is, when the nominee is picked, a new world of big-money donations comes in from the GOP establishment. Trump is expecting the GOP to pay him back in the event they win the nomination. Additionally, Trump has said that he will accept these big money donations after he wins the nomination– further solidifying my point: He is not self-funding.

“He won’t be bought off” – A man like Donald Trump does not need money, its true that he probably won’t be swayed by people offering him more money. With a net worth of $10+ billion, what Trump will seek is more power. He will do whatever he can do to garner more power. I suspect we will see a presidency similar to Nixon’s- paranoid and willing to do anything to retain his power.

“He’s not like other politicians” – Neither were Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, or Rand Paul. So why in the world would you support the one of them that is, quite frankly, the biggest jerk?

“Stop illegal immigration” – This is a complicated policy issue, as you may have read in one of my other posts. The cost of deporting 11 million people will be astronomical. Trump seems to want to round them up like animals and drive them over in buses, while Cruz wants to de-incentivize the hiring of illegal immigrants. Cruz’s method is much less expensive and much more effective. That being said, Trump has said that he is willing to compromise on his illegal immigration policies, and he has slowly moved left ever since initially talking about his plans when he announced his candidacy. Here is a good article if you are trying to determine who is more hard-line on immigration.

“Hes a great businessman” – Do we really need to bring up all of his failed businesses? Just for arguments sake: Trump Network, Trump Vodka, Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines, Trump: The Game, Trump Casinos, Trump University, the New Jersey Generals. I’ll give him the credit of being a great real estate developer. But it is very difficult to be bad at real estate development when you are starting with a $1 million loan and you have a mentor like Fred Trump giving you pointers your entire life.

“He understands economics” – No. Just because you are a decent businessman does not mean you understand economics. It means you understand changing markets, which, if we look at his failed businesses (see above), it doesn’t seem Trump even understands that. This is solidified when you look at Trump Mortgage, a company I left out above intentionally to drive this point home. Trump Mortgage opened in April 2006, when Trump said, “I think it’s a great time to start a mortgage company, the real estate market is going to be very strong for a long time to come.” What happened next? The housing bubble burst and Trump Mortgage folded. A man who understands economics and works in the real estate market really should have been able to anticipate this.

If you know anyone who is supporting Trump, invite them to my blog! I would be very happy to have a discussion regarding Trump’s positions.

Do you know any other reasons people support Trump? Leave them in the comments or go to the Contact page and tell me! I’ll give you a good rebuttal.

Evangelical Democrats?

Disclaimer: If you do not claim the name Evangelical, this post won’t mean anything to you. Just be aware of that.

If you are a Democrat supporter and claim to be an evangelical, I need to square with you…

I understand why you support a certain degree of Democrat policies. It makes sense that, if you want to support those who are poor, the downtrodden, women and children, you would want to support governmental policies that prop these individuals up. I certainly understand that line of thinking. There’s a lot of conversation to be had economically speaking about whether or not these methods are effective, but these particular democratic policies certainly appear to hold Christian values.

I won’t argue with you on that. What I do want to discuss is what I believe to be the most important conversation of this election.

I have always said that if there was a candidate who held fiscal policy views that were diametrically opposed to my own, but agreed with me 100% on social issues, I wouldn’t have a problem with electing that individual. Of course, this assumes that there isn’t a better alternative candidate.

As a strong Christian believer/voter, I deeply care about this country’s fiscal responsibility and stewardship; but I have always carried social policy as a much higher priority. I believe that regardless of fiscal policy, if a country’s social policy is God-honoring, then God will bless that country.

So, here is the problem that I have with the Democratic candidates: Both of them have a long and well documented record of voting for policies that are blatantly “Pro-Choice” (or Anti-Life, depending on what side you are on). For example, Sanders voted NO on banning partial birth abortions- as well as a host of other Pro-Choice policies (Here is a gruesome description of partial-birth abortions that almost made me cry). Also, here are Clinton’s views on access to abortion.

If you claim the Evangelical title and support Clinton or Sanders, I have to ask the question: why? What compels someone to vote someone into office who, yes, may support the impoverished children of America outside of the womb, but supports such grotesque policies?

really want to know what you guys think. If you are an Evangelical and a Democrat, please fill out the Contact Form and tell me what you think, because it completely baffles me.

Here is where I am- if I were a democrat and agreed with democrat fiscal policy, based on what I said above, I would vote for a very moderate Republican (like John Kasich). Simply because I could not force myself to vote for someone who supported Pro-Choice policies.

Is Rubio Falling on His Sword?

Marco Rubio has recently turned up the heat on Donald Trump. Leading up to Super Tuesday, his goal seems to be to get under Trump’s skin. Initially, Rubio has avoided ridiculing Trump because he didn’t want to isolate his supporters. Right now it is an entirely different story- so what changed?

Everyone, especially the establishment Republicans, have determined that Donald Trump isn’t going anywhere. Even Lindsey Graham, who cracked a joke about killing Ted Cruz and is a star child of the establishment, is now suggesting that the party should fall in line behind Ted Cruz just to avoid a Trump nomination. Now we are all asking the question, can Donald Trump be stopped, and how do we stop him?

As you all may have noticed from reading my other posts, I am something of an amateur political strategist. Here is what I think is happening:

  1. Attack Trump’s record on stage at the debate – This is the first step to pulling his supporters. Rubio wants to show them that Trump isn’t who everyone thinks he is.
  2. Launch personal attacks against Trump – Rubio wants to get under Trump’s skin and make him explode. We have not seen Trump at his worst yet.
  3. Make Donald Trump explode at the debate – We can probably expect to see massive attacks on Trump coming from Rubio this evening at the Fox News debate in Detroit. If Trump explodes, Rubio will probably level against him something like this; “Is this the guy we want holding the Nuclear Launch codes?”

From here, there are only two paths Rubio may take:

Attempt to pull in Trump’s supporters to his camp. I think this is less likely because, so far, Rubio has only won a single state. It will be very difficult for Rubio to pull supporters to his side when he is so far behind.
Fall in line behind Ted Cruz. This is the best option for Rubio right now, and I think it may be part of the plan. Rubio could very well be falling on his sword for the good of the country. Rubio seems to be mirroring Trump right now, and we all know that you can’t out-Trump Donald Trump. Rubio knows this too! He is just trying to show Trump as un-presidential and then throw his support behind Cruz.

If you have followed my work, you know how I feel about the latter option.

EDIT: Here’s evidence Rubio may be gearing up to drop out after the debate tonight.

United Nominees will Beat Trump

You may have noticed that the week leading up to Super Tuesday, both Rubio and Cruz went on the attack in an effort to bring down Trump. Fortunately for both candidates, Trump has a lot of skeletons in his closet, but they are too late. Trump has his supporters and prying them from his talons will be a difficult process. The Donald didn’t receive nearly any criticism for a long time from other candidates because they didn’t want to isolate Trump’s supporters when he “inevitably implodes”. Unfortunately for America, they might be too little-too late. I think there’s hope, but it requires something drastic.

Trump’s Super Tuesday performance was good, but not as good as his camp was hoping for. I spent some time talking about the long game in Republican politics, it is more true now than it was when I dropped the article. Trump’s team is assured a win if the GOP nominees don’t team up and bring him down.

Over the next few days, many more states will be decided, but the real prizes will be Ohio and Florida on March 15th (check out this 2016 primary schedule for reference).

Again, don’t always trust polling data, especially because throughout Super Tuesday, Ted Cruz has performed much better than polls suggested he would- especially in Texas.

In Ohio, Trump leads with 31%, Kasich is at 26%, Cruz at 21%, and Rubio is at 13% (I won’t mention Carson’s numbers because he has dropped out).
In Florida, Trump leads with 40%, Rubio is at 20%, Cruz at 15%, and Kasich is floundering with 5%.

Here is a run down of what will be required of each candidate if we want to prevent a Donald Trump presidency:

  • Dr. Ben Carson – Moments before publishing this article, I received word that Carson dropped out of the race. I am very happy. I have supported him as a presidential candidate since the prayer breakfast, but after Iowa, I knew Carson could not go all the way. He needs to rally his support behind Cruz, who shares his values.
  • John Kasich – I think Kasich is staying in to win Ohio, a major swing state, and then is going to vie for VP. He needs to stop being manipulative and selfish and just drop out- he could very well be the reason Trump wins the nomination.
  • Marco Rubio – He does not have a path to victory. He has won 1 state since the primaries began and he isn’t even projected to win Florida (see above). He also doesn’t have a job because he isn’t running for reelection in the Senate. Drop out and throw your support behind Ted Cruz.
  • Ted Cruz – The only candidate in a position to beat Trump and win the General Election in November, Cruz is only 90 delegates behind Trump and that gap will close further once counting is completed. Cruz needs to get the remaining nominees to rally behind him. Ask Rubio to drop and join his ticket as his Vice President, and call for Carson’s endorsement.

If this happens, we can safely combine Cruz, Rubio’s and Carson’s support, which will lead to Cruz winning Ohio with 34%+ support, and be in a position to catch up to Trump in Florida with  35%.

Here is what Donald Trump needs to do in order to prevent him from losing this primary:

  • Donald Trump – Keep everyone divided.

This race is going to require everyone to vote. If you are not registered (and its not too late), get out and register to vote! We need to be part of keeping Trump out of the White House. I just hope that this group of nominees collapse and throw their support behind Cruz.

Playing the Long Game in Republican Politics

Chess is a difficult game; it requires you to be able to see several moves ahead of your opponent. It requires a mind that can effectively anticipate their opponent’s moves and prepare to counter them before the game is even executed. The further ahead you can see, the better your performance will be. In short, people who win at the game of Chess are playing the long game.

I don’t know a lot of Trump supporters, but the few I’ve run into, the conversation comes down to one thing:

Who can win the general election?

Presidential candidates and the media alike, as a general rule, trust poll data far too much. So, when we look at poll data, we don’t want to get lost in the numbers because oftentimes they are skewed at least a little bit. Polling companies often have their own political bias that will cause their numbers to shift in a particular direction, intentionally or not.

I didn’t really have the intention of talking a lot about this concept, but this poll that was just released is making me talk about it (I encourage you to read the poll, but for an easy read, look here).

As I said, take it with a grain of salt, but know that polls have come out consistently that show Trump being trumped by Clinton. The polls with Trump against Sanders are slightly less disparaging, but still very bad. With that said, here are the polls for the other GOP candidates…

Cruz vs. Clinton (Clinton winning until February, now Cruz winning)
Cruz vs. Sanders (Cruz with slight advantage until February, now Sanders winning)

Carson vs. Clinton (Clinton winning, Carson gets slight edge in September, Clinton pulls ahead after)
Carson vs. Sanders (Carson winning until November, Sanders pulls ahead after)

Rubio vs. Clinton (Clinton winning until November, Rubio pulls ahead after)
Rubio vs. Sanders (Rubio winning until February, Sanders pulls ahead after)

Kasich vs. Clinton (Clinton winning until February, Kasich pulls ahead after)
Kasich vs. Sanders (No discernible trend)

We must be aware that polling data almost always leans left. Additionally, historical polling information suggests a trend in which GOP candidates gain support as election season progresses (we can see the flip slowly occurring presently in the polling data, save for Trump’s).
Some GOP candidates who won after initially polling lower than the Democratic candidate:

  • Ronald Reagan vs. Jimmy Carter
  • George H.W. Bush vs. Michael Dukakis
  • George W. Bush vs. Al Gore
  • George W. Bush vs. John Kerry

This isn’t a perfect rule, so don’t think that I’m suggesting the correlation signals a GOP win in election season. I just want you all to be more forgiving of those polling poorly against Clinton or Sanders.

Here’s the problem, Trump is not in a good position. So many Republican aligned voters are turning to Trump as their salvation when he is the least likely to deliver in the general election.

Cruz is the only other candidate who has won in the primaries thus far. For Super Tuesday, Cruz’s and Rubio’s polling numbers are a dead heat (although, New Hampshire’s polls prior to the primary showed Rubio winning and Cruz pulled ahead in the final). There is only one way to conquer Trump at this point and prevent us from losing the general election to Clinton or Sanders: Cruz and Rubio unite under one ticket; Kasich and Carson drop out.

I don’t believe that we will necessarily lose to the democrats at this point, but there are only a few things you need to know about your voting habits on this historic Super Tuesday.

  1. A vote for Carson or Kasich is a vote for Trump
  2. A vote for Trump is a vote for a Democrat president

Republicans who vote for Carson, Kasich, or Trump are not playing the long game. They don’t really want to win, they just want to vote. If we have more Republicans playing the long game at the voting booth today, we will see either Rubio or Cruz as winners. If you are voting today, think long and hard about who you want in the Oval Office.

A Letter for Trumpeters


To those of you supporting the great businessman, Donald Trump, for the president of the United States…

I understand why you are voting for Trump. I know that pretty much everyone who does not support Trump has a very hard time empathizing with your reasoning. I don’t proclaim to fully understand your reasoning, but with Super Tuesday around the corner, I feel it necessary to square with you.

I want to talk about the importance of knowing the issues. I don’t think that you and other Trump supporters are the only guilty parties. Quite honestly, I would argue that more than 60% of supporters of any candidate don’t understand the issues and are voting just because they “like” the guy/girl. But here are the issues, and as a conservative, I want to talk about why each one is important. To be clear, I’m not saying that you agree or disagree with any of these points/statements…

  1. Abortion – If you believe that a fetus is a human being (which I do believe), it necessarily follows that you would not support abortion. The problem I see with being pro-abortion (pro-choice/anti-life, whatever you want to call it) is that it changes how our culture views humanity and consequences of destructive decisions. I wish to speak about this further, but I will leave it for another blog.
  2. Gay Rights – I’m not going to discuss what the Bible says about this, or anything like that. Just that the subject of Gay Rights should not be left up to the Supreme Court, and that it should be a conversation among the State Legislature. If it is true that a majority of Americans support homosexual marriage, then let it go to a vote, and that will be the end of it.
  3. Federal Overreach – Each branch must be kept in check by the others. If a branch of government fails to fulfill their duty, we drastically shorten the amount of time before America is dominated by authoritarian rulers.
  4. The Federal Budget & Taxes – The Great Depression and the Great Recession were caused by Credit Freezes. Some economists may disagree as to the degree of the affect of such credit freezes, but all economists agree that it is one of the largest contributing factors. America is wildly in debt and, as we have seen with Greece, the less likely we are to pay our debts, the more likely our credit rating will decrease. If our credit rating decreases, other countries will be less likely to invest in the U.S. and will lead to a credit freeze unlike anything the world has ever experienced.
    Additionally, the Laffer Curve shows that when taxes reach a certain percentage, we actually lose tax revenue (here is a quick explanation of that). Christina Romer was Obama’s economic advisor up until 2010. She and her husband performed an extensive study that determine the peak of tax revenue occurred at the taxation point of 33%. A solid economic policy would be to optimize tax revenue and decrease the federal deficit.
  5. Immigration – Immigration is a great economic policy, but a bad cultural one. I already wrote on this, so I won’t go on.

I bring these points up not because I expect that you are voting without the knowledge of what’s at stake, but because I fear that a lot of people who are voting today do not understand where their candidate falls on these policies.

If you support Trump, and do not know what he thinks about these things, check out his own website.

Due to watching too many videos of Trump supporters, I fear that people are voting for Trump because, “He isn’t afraid to speak his mind”, or “If runs the country the way he runs his business, we’ll do just fine”, or “He’s self-funding his campaign”.

All of these reasons are fine and good, but if and only if they are supported by a solid understanding of your candidates positions. I may have fallen subject to the media’s portrayal of Trump supporters, in which case, I beg you to correct me. Otherwise, take some time to read his website before you go to the polls. The last thing I want is for you (or me) to be surprised on his first day in office.

Edit: Just happened upon this comparison review of the candidates. It is from the perspective of the Conservative Review writers, but I found it very interesting.